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Tips For Deleting ISB.Downloader!gen305 from Windows 2000

Simple Steps To Delete ISB.Downloader!gen305

ISB.Downloader!gen305 causes following error
0x000000F8, 0x00000117, 0x0000002A, 0x0000009E, 0x00000093, 0x8024A003 WU_E_AU_LEGACYCLIENTDISABLED The old version of the Automatic Updates client was disabled., 0x8024A000 WU_E_AU_NOSERVICE Automatic Updates was unable to service incoming requests., 0x8024E005 WU_E_EE_NOT_INITIALIZED The expression evaluator could not be initialized., 0x000000CE, 0x00000037, 0xC0000218, 0x00000101, 0x8024800A WU_E_DS_UNKNOWNHANDLER The update was not processed because its update handler could not be recognized.
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